ISEM Partnership Prospectus

Partner with ISEM (International Conference on Industrial Engineering, Systems Engineering, and Engineering Management) and unlock a world of possibilities to elevate your brand’s presence and impact. As an esteemed partner, you will enjoy exclusive naming rights, granting your organization the prestige of having the conference prominently bear your name. With complimentary attendance for a specified number of representatives, your team gains privileged access to valuable networking opportunities and cutting-edge industry insights.  


Only one organisation will be selected as naming partner. The naming rights entail that the conference will carry your organisation’s name, though we reserve the right to vet the naming partner prior to conclusion.


Free registration at our annual conference. The level of your sponsorship determines the number.


We will have short commercial slots. Your sponsorship entitles you to a short commercial slot before or after a keynote.


Colour adverts in conference proceedings or on electronic equivalents, including on the conference hosting platform were applicable.


Your logo will be placed on the conference website, and the virtual conference platform which will link to your own website. We will also display your logo on the conference presentation template.


The level of your sponsorship determines whether your banner will be displayed on prominent pages, or secondary pages of the virtual conference platform as well as at the conference venue.


This sponsorship entitles you to a complimentary live & virtual exhibition stand, to where you can upload a selection of materials of your choice and which can link to your own website. Your logo and this link will also be placed on the conference website. Sponsors do not have to “man” the virtual exhibition booth allocated to them – you could only load information, links, etc on it. Sponsors who take up a Rhodium-, Platinum-, Gold- or Exhibition Sponsorship may have an exhibition stand at the conference venue as well.


Add your company branding to the promotional items as listed in the Sponsorship Prospectus

Showcase your brand’s innovation and excellence through both live and virtual exhibition stands, and maximize your visibility with commercial breaks, color adverts, logo placement, and highly visible banners strategically positioned throughout the conference venue and virtual platform. Seize this unparalleled chance to elevate your brand’s stature, engage with industry leaders, and gain a distinct competitive advantage. Partner with us at ISEM and make a resounding impact within the industrial engineering and systems engineering community.