Why Join Us?

Unlock a World of Systems Engineering Opportunities!

If you’re in the world of Systems Engineering, you’d know that collaboration, continuous learning, and being a part of a vibrant community is the key to success. And where better to do all that than with INCOSE SA? Still wondering why? Let’s dive in!

1. Be a Global Citizen with a Local Touch

With a network that boasts over 18,000 members across 74 countries, INCOSE SA truly offers you a world of possibilities. Imagine exchanging ideas with professionals from varied cultures and expertise – it’s a treasure trove of diverse insights!

2. Boost Your Professional Standing

Increase your professional stature through the INCOSE Systems Engineering Professional Certification. This isn’t just a badge; it’s a testament to your commitment and expertise in the field.

“Certification isn’t just about validation, it’s about elevation in the world of Systems Engineering.”

3. Lead and Learn with the Best

As they say, leaders are learners. The INCOSE Institute of Technical Leadership Programme is your chance to lead, learn, and liaise with the best in the business.

4. Dive into INCOSE Connect

Unlock an exclusive gateway to INCOSE Connect, a collaborative space for members only. This isn’t just another platform; it’s where magic happens. Discussions, collaborations, innovations – it’s all here.

5. Events at Your Fingertips

Get member-exclusive discounted registration to the International Workshop and International Symposium. It’s more than events; it’s where the future of Systems Engineering is shaped.

“Being part of the Symposium is like watching history in the making. And with INCOSE, you’re not just watching; you’re participating!”

Collaboration with the Crème de la Crème

Collaborate, converse, and create with experts and practitioners who are as passionate as you.

Stay updated with the electronic version of the Journal of Systems Engineering and the Systems Engineering Handbook. Knowledge is power, and INCOSE ensures you’re always powered up!

INCOSE SA founded in 2002 is the South African chapter of the International Council on Systems Engineering(INCOSE). INCOSE is a not-for-profit membership organization founded in 1990 to develop and spread the interdisciplinary principles and practices that enable successful systems.

It is an open society, espousing system thinking and system engineering principles for all. Through organizing various activities and in sourcing information it ensures its members are knowledgeable professionals capable of being world-class systems engineers and systems thinkers.