INCOSE ZA Workshop 2024

Rebooting Systems Engineering in South Africa: Reigniting the Practice


Join Us at the INCOSE South Africa Chapter Systems Engineering Workshop 2024


Where: CSIR International Convention Centre, Pretoria

When: 23-25 October 2024

Format: In-person with select sessions available for online participation


The Challenges Facing Systems Engineering in South Africa

The landscape of systems engineering in South Africa faces several challenges that contribute to the decline in professionals within the field, which may be summarised as follows:

  • Economic Fluctuations: Economic instability affects key industries for systems engineers, like aerospace, defence, and technology, limiting job opportunities and growth. Limited funding and resources in these sectors can lead to fewer opportunities for systems engineers.
  • Brain Drain: Many skilled engineers migrate in search of better opportunities, depleting the local talent pool.
  • Limited Industry Diversification: As traditional sectors stagnate, like defence and aerospace, the need for systems engineers in new fields grows, but not always with sufficient speed or scale in South Africa. These new opportunities may include renewable energy, mining, and healthcare industries.
  • Awareness and Recognition: There is a need to increase awareness about the critical role of systems engineers in diverse industries to ensure better integration and appreciation of their skills.

Addressing these issues is essential for revitalizing the systems engineering profession in South Africa. By enhancing educational programs, creating supportive policies, and promoting the value of systems engineering in emerging sectors, we can ensure a robust and dynamic future for this vital profession.


Why Participate?

Expanding Horizons: This workshop addresses the ever-growing demand for integrated, complex systems in diverse fields like mining, automotive, construction, service sectors, and government projects. Beyond aerospace and defence, systems engineering is crucial for innovation and efficiency in various industries.

Diverse Perspectives: Engage with a community of systems engineers from various industries. The workshop offers a platform for exchanging ideas and practices that enrich your professional and technical capabilities.

Practice-Based Insights: Dive into practical applications through case studies, presentations, and panel discussions led by seasoned practitioners. Gain immediately applicable insights, helping you adapt and succeed in your field.

Educational Workshops: Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced engineer, our educational sessions are designed to enhance your understanding and application of systems engineering principles.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with peers, industry leaders, and academics. This event is an excellent opportunity to share challenges and collaborate on solutions, fostering professional growth and innovation.


Call for Speakers and Presenters

We invite systems engineering practitioners to share their experiences and insights. If you have a compelling story or an innovative application of systems engineering, consider submitting a proposal. Your participation could inspire and educate peers across the globe.

For more details on submissions and participation, visit our workshop information page or contact the event organiser.


Engage with Us!

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